Derenoncourt California


Having enjoyed fifteen years of winemaking success in Europe, Bordeaux-based vigneron Stéphane Derenoncourt set out to make his first-ever American wine, Derenoncourt California.  Stéphane was drawn to California because of its increasing potential to produce great wine. Exploratory trips to the area convinced Stéphane of the possibility of crafting high quality wines that are marked by Napa’s distinctive terroir but retain the balance and freshness for which he is known.

The Derenoncourt California wines come from tiny parcels with cool microclimates and high elevations, each selected by Stéphane for its capacity for unique terroir reflection.  These wines exude a rich sensuality while possessing the sort of elegance and freshness you expect from an accomplished Bordeaux vintner.

2008 Vintage

Stéphane’s devotion to tenderly caring for each row of vines was especially critical in a vintage like 2008, which punctuated a long growing season with record frosts and high winds early, heat spikes late, and drought conditions throughout.  This was a grape-grower’s vintage offering brilliant potential, but in which attention to the unique location and needs of each plot made all the difference.

We think Stéphane’s sensitive approach in the vineyard and cellar has resulted in a treasure trove of some of the finest Napa wines he has made to date.  Our 2008 Derenoncourt wines are expressive, generous and full of charm, while possessing a depth, elegance and breed that is unmistakable.  With these aromatically striking and impeccably balanced wines, once again Stéphane has presented the wine enthusiast with a pleasurable and profound experience of Napa terroir.

The highly limited 2008 vintage will be released on an allocated basis to our list in the late summer of 2012.  If you are not yet a member of our list, please inquire here.